Short espresso machine project update

It has been a long time, but my espresso project is going forward, still in an always-alpha state. Stuff is hanging on the wires behind the machine, but it makes coffee, so I’m spending my time on other projects.

Stuff hanging on wires...
Hardware – always alpha

Still, I want to drop at least a short update here.

Over the last few months, I tried the projects I mentioned in the previous post. I also have a decision about when to use which:

– if you need wireless connectivity, MQTT integration and such – use the bleeding edge

– if you want the most advanced features, yet no connectivity and a very opinionated main developer – go with gaggiuino.

Still, no matter which you choose, you need an operational Gaggia machine first. I have an almost ready short entry about the best resources I found on the Internet when I was fixing mine.