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Schrödinger’s come back to blogging: using the cloud-native stack series.

A Few Dozen Lines of Code… just don’t count YAML as code 😉

It is a year since a wrote a blog post here. A lot has changed over this year in my professional life. After quitting my previous job, I was looking for new opportunities and eventually decided to join the cool team at Giant Swarm as a platform architect. I have to say this was a great choice! My focus is now on enabling our customers to run applications on top of Kubernetes clusters.

Still, I didn’t want to stop blogging. Fortunately, I can now connect everything as part of my new job! So, I’m switching my focus slightly to cloud-native applications running on Kubernetes than just Kubernetes. This is also the topic of a blog series called “A Few Dozen Lines of Code”, the first part of which was just published on our company blog!

This series is meant to show you how using an opinionated cloud-native stack of tools installed on your Kubernetes cluster can make your dev and operations team happier than ever 🙂 Stay tuned for next parts, they should come shortly.

So, this entry is kind of “Schrödinger’s entry”. It is a new entry and it is not – as I’m just pointing you to my article on the company blog. Still, I will inform you if anything written by me is published there. Meanwhile, you can check other engineering articles published there, it’s good content.